Young Adults

Young Adults ministry in the church is so different from what it was years ago. Whereas in previous generations the adults in this category were college students in the 18 to 25 age range, many churches now include single young adults up through the age of 35, due to later marriages (although, this still leaves out those who remain unmarried after 35). And let’s not forget that those who now make up this category of ministry come from incredibly broad walks of life: single & never married; single with children; single & dating; single, yet divorced; single, divorced, with children; single & dating with children; and then there are those in this 18-35 range who chose a career over college; and those who married but are still technically young adults. Wow! I’m making myself dizzy!

Let’s face it, young adult ministry leaders have their work cut out for them!

This page will attempt to touch a variety of categories pertaining to Young Adults including singleness, dating and relationships, finances, and careers.

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