What are You Passionate About?

Who’s your most favorite band or musician? What about actor/actress? Do enjoy a specific author? Or a certain series of books or movies? Or your favorite, athlete–football, basketball, baseball, or soccer player?

What would you do if you had the opportunity to meet that band or musician, spend quality time with that actor/actress? Discuss with your favorite author, the idea behind their most recent novel or movie? Or play a game with your favorite athlete?

Most would jump at the occasion!!

However, what if you were given the opportunity to meet them and you decided you’d rather keep your distance? What if they were in the same room with you and you decided you’d rather listen to them on your iPod, or watch a movie, read a book, or watch a game?

Sounds insane, right?!

And yet, that’s just what we do when we go to church or attend a Christian conference; when God’s moving and His presence is obviously present, we stay in our seats! It’s what we do when we sit at home and rather than open our Bibles or pray, we find ourselves filling our time with everything else that God has so graciously blessed us with. God is in the room with us! He wants to spend time with us. He wants to speak to us, one-on-one. He wants to share His plans with us and love on us, but we’re content to stand at a distance. We’re satisfied enjoying His gifts, but we completely ignore the Giver; even when He’s standing in the room with us!!

Some of us will see our favorite artists in concert over and over again. We’ll spend money and time on all our favorite and newest CDs, movies, books, movies, and games…but try to get us to study–not just read–our Bibles, spend time in prayer (2-way communication with God), or spend some serious time in worship on our own (outside of church) and you’ll have a battle on your hands.

What it comes down to is that it seems many of us are more passionate about the things God has blessed us with rather than the Blesser, our God, our Lord and Savior; the One who gave it all for us! We’ll head to the front of the stage at a concert, scream, shout and dance, and yet remain restrained before the Lord of the universe.

So, what are you really most passionate about??


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